Sunday, July 26, 2009

So I'm reading up on the happenings of my favorite Wisconsin expats and agreeing with them that Milo really isn't going for ALL in that song and he probably committed hygiene for that girl, which doesn't make it a bad song, I mean, Milo has probably committed adulthood, considering he's a fucking rocket scientist or something now, which makes me wonder if he still kisses his girlfriend(now wife) and tries to grab her ass and if he still hates the cops. I hope so.

Listening to old Descendents songs makes me realize that I've grossly overlooked something and I should probably be ashamed. I've not yet made any mix cd for Hanna. Well, unless you count that muxtape, who have seriously neutered their service now, which I made for her right before she took her Praxis II test last year. I don't count that one, as it wasn't my best work, but she mentioned to me in a myspace email that mentioning that she could use one and I was really trying to get her to get coffee with me, so I threw it together in an afternoon.

What in the hell, though? Here's a girl who I'm really into and is pretty into me, which hasn't happened in a long time and I feel like it's okay to be myself around her, even though I still get REALLY nervous every time I see her again. No mix tape, she doesn't have a tape deck in her car and I have access to one in my house. But I haven't made her one yet? Man, I'm slacking in my old age. I blame AT&T who are still working "diligently" to hook internet up to my place from their office a block away.

The no-mix-cd-for-hanna issue is one that needs to get remedied and damn soon because she's probably thinking "Well, where's my totally awesome mix cd? WTF?" Well, she's probably not exactly thinking "WTF" because she uses just about immaculate spelling, even in her text messages, which is seriously all kinds of hot. So I'm going to have to scour my record collection and deep knowledge of punk rock music to craft a totally great cd that'll blow her mind.

But what do you put on a totally-great-mix-cd-to-blow-hanna's-mind? I don't know. I don't know if she's heard The Gits yet, so that's got to go on there. And obviously Hüsker Dü, because her ringtone on my phone is them, which makes her one of two people on there that have custom ringtones but my brother barely calls, so when he does, I wonder to myself "Who the fuck is playing my third favorite Clash song of all time?" And The Clash probably has to go on there, not because she hasn't ever heard them, because you can't be as awesome as her without ever hearing The Clash, and her computer's desktop background probably, PROBABLY, wouldn't be Paul Simonon, which, again, is all kinds of hot, even if I've never seen it, but they have to go on there because they're the only band that matters.

Soon as I get reliable internet in my place, even if I have to crack the neighbor's WEP key, I'm going to lay this sucker down. Until then, fully expect me to be engrossed in records, piles of them scattered across the floor, taking notes. Yes, I am a dork, thank you very much.

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