Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I had a rough hour yesterday afternoon. I got the e-mail from corporate saying we're now on a hiring freeze until the end of 2009, which effectively means I'm looking for a job come the new year so that I can hopefully find one that has benefits above merely getting paid. Respect from my coworkers would be nice but even better would be health insurance so that I can visit a doctor for the first time in twelve years. I hear ball cancer is the leading killer of men under 30, I don't plan on living until I get old but ball cancer isn't quite the way I'm planning my exit. Sure, I can get the insurance plan through my contracting agency, the one that makes me pay the first $200 when I visit the doctor, but if I'm paying someone $200 to squeeze my balls, there's gonna be a happy ending with that visit, no matter if I've got cancer or not and I don't think they do that here. Oh, I could wait it out and maybe, MAYBE, get hired on in 2010 but I'm not a company man, particularly for this company. My dad has worked for this place for most of my life and my grandpa worked here for most of my dad's and they've got very little to show for it and what they do have, I'm not interested in.

Then I come to find out the AC in the server room isn't running very well. Turns out the new server that got turned on yesterday morning puts out more heat than previously thought. If shit overheats, it shuts down. Who's on call this week? Tom! "Good luck with this one, Tom!" Can't you shut something down? "No!" Alright, but if I get woken up at 2 in the morning because some server shut down, I'm coming in here with a bat and hockey stick and I'm shutting this new machine down Casey Jones style.

It's one degree outside and it's snowing and now it's time for a panic attack, first one in seven months, and here's me without a cigarette because you're not allowed to smoke even in the parking lot at work because the parking lot at work exists in some no-man's-land outside the friendly confines of a free America. I don't quite understand it because the shit this place pumps into the air is far worse than my one Lucky Strike that affords me my calmness. I'm with Joe Strummer here, if you're opposed to cigarettes, you shouldn't be allowed to use anything created by someone who smokes.

So when I'm home, it's time to crack the seal that bottle of Bushmills and chase it with some beers because a drunk Tom is going to be able to do as much as a sober Tom if the server room overheats.

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