Tuesday, July 04, 2017

"Maybe we'll see on the 4th of July"...

I'm keeping to my resolution of not dating and I feel terrible. Not because I'm not dating anyone,but because I don't feel bad that I'm not dating anyone. I'm pretty okay with not dating because I'm not all that attracted to anyone, but I feel bad about not being attracted to anyone. It feels like I should be, but I just can't give a shit about anyone because I don't share any real interests with anyone and because all the women my age treat me like nothing more than an anthropomorphic wallet, which makes me feel slightly less shallow about judging someone by their looks.
I looked up the girl I hoped to see every fourth of July earlier this year and I was glad to see that she's got a kid and what looks like a good life in Madison. I still wish I had tried talking to her even though it would have never worked out,but, man, it would have been awesome to go on a date with Liz. It would have been a colossal failure like all the rest, but at least I wouldn't be left wondering what if.

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