Sunday, December 11, 2016

My 18th birthday was the best birthday I ever had.

Earlier in the week,it had snowed, but the day of my birthday was warm enough to have me wear shorts. At the time, I had been volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club everyday after school as a way to get me out of my house away from my family and that had apparently impressed a girl I who I went to school with who also volunteered there a few days a week. She walked home with me when I stopped to drop off my stuff and then told me she was buying me supper at the Taco John's on the way to volunteering. Being an 18 year old and convinced I was a piece of crap who no girl could possibly be interested in, I had no idea what was going on. I didn't feel comfortable having her buy me dinner, so Ionly ordered a couple churros, which she laughed at. It was still pretty awesome, eating churros and talking with a cute girl on my birthday, a feat that hasn't really been repeated since then.

I had been hoping that turning twice eighteen would potentially have history repeating itself. I went out for post work drinks with workmates at the restaurant in my building, which turned out to be an awful idea. I got to see women I had been crushing on either with or talking about their boyfriends, which is largely my own dumbass fault for not doing anything to make something happen.

Working off a hangover, I really didn't want to do much the day of my birthday, but I managed to make it to the co-op baracross the street for their showing of Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, hoping to see a familiar face. Not this time, so the rest of the afternoon was spent with hockey, pizza, and a too sweet mead beer, lamenting the fact that a large snow storm was rolling in just in time for my birthday.

Twice eighteen turned out to not be much more than just a day,nowhere near as good as eighteen was, but, then again,few are.

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