Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trip to Philadelphia area was mostly successful.The work part went far better than anticipated. I didn't get to hit up the famous cheesesteak place because I didn't feel like driving into the city after a day of work. I wasn't up for fighting traffic. Philly pizza company no longer exists. I knew Zipperhead was gone, so my hopes of walking there to meet a girl who almost knocked me dead were dashed ahead of time. The guy I work with suggested a popular brewpub for supper Thursday night, which I tried but gave up on because it was far too busy and too hip to get service. I knew I was in trouble when the twenty-something goth girl handed me the drink menu and looked at me the way that only a twenty-something goth girl can look at a mid-thirties guy with a John Lydon pin on his jacket. It's a look I haven't gotten for a while, the "look at this poseur right here" look. But this was the week of Fest, the biggest punk festival of the year, so don't give me that look when we're both not at Fest. When it became clear that I wasn't about to get served, I went for the little, unassuming brewpub with good beers and good food a half mile away and not too much traffic because you're to going to find the place unless you're looking for it. I skipped lunch that day so that I could get ahead and finish early Friday, so I was hungry and ordered what seemed like a lot of food. The dude delivering my food suggested it was enough to feed four people. I would say it could potentially feed two people who weren't super hungry. Cheesesteak eggrolls are pretty much awesome, I can say that with confidence after that meal. I particularly appreciated when the cook ran out to the television and said "All right, we're watching the Flyers game now!" because I had hoped to be at that game,but my skipping lunch proved to only exhaust me more that day.

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