Monday, October 17, 2016

I got to see Wil Wheaton and Sean Astin tonight at a political rally, which I normally wouldn't have gone to because, this late in the game, I'm well aware who I am or am not voting for, but I've been waiting years to gt to meet Wil and thank him. There was an article in this small independent magazine about Linux that Wil wrote that got me to try it on my home PC. Playing around with that really got me excited about messing around with computers and got me to seriously think about going to school that. It's largely because of that article that I have a job and a life today.

After their spiel was over, everyone rushed Wil to get photos and talk about games. I felt bad for Sean Astin because not many took photos with him. I don't do photos and I don't know what to say to Sean Astin besides "Nice job in Goonies". I didn't opt for the photo with Wil because I felt like everyone was really crowding him and from what I've read on his blog he doesn't like that. He didn't stick around very long, so I couldn't get an autograph or talk to him, which just means I've got to brave going to Gencon someday.

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