Monday, September 19, 2016

Today was one of those days where I've got shit I've got to get done, but all the shit went pear shaped over the weekend so, rather than work on what needs to get done, I got to play superhero to a dead hard drive.

The woman's hard drive was on its way out last week, so I wasn't surprised that it had failed this morning. I was, however, surprised that she was almost in tears because she had literally nothing backed up and ALL of her worked saved on her PC despite the fact that we have network storage that gets backed up nightly. My mission was to get whatever I can off a drive that won't boot. Not all is lost, possibly, in that situation, and I do love a challenge, so I kicked off a recovery tool at lunch, expecting it to be finished after lunch was over. After lunch, it's at 12%... Give it another couple hours to finish and, as luck would have it, I could see files! Along with a 75 gigabyte profile... She's saved probably everything since the beginning of time on this thing. finished copying it to my own computer just as my day was ending. I'm going to let her sweat it out a little yet tomorrow morning before I let her know that it's all there and we'll have a serious talk about not saving mission critical files on a drive that can and will fail at the most inopportune moments and don't do this again!

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