Saturday, September 17, 2016

This is the weekend that's become my favorite of the year every year. The Doors Open weekend, where historic places open their doors to anyone who wants to have a look behind the scenes. It's a weekend that gives me the chance to show off the place where I live to people who are terrified of the city. People who have lived in the suburbs for decades and have refused to darken the streets with their presence. Thing is, I'm pretty proud of the place I live. I mean, I know it's a bad city with its own unique set of problems, but this is the place that's allowed me to live the life that I want to live and not persecute me for it. I only wish I had moved here a decade earlier. My life might be much different had that happened. Unfortunately, you can't wonder what might have been because anything might have been. Had I talked to the little curly haired girl, there's a possibility I could have had a date and lived happily ever after. What might have been. Here in reality, though, I've got to live with what actually is and what actually is kind of sucks. Little curly haired girl isn't looking for me because finding me is extremely easy as my schedule is very predictable. I work and then I workout,five days a week. I can pretend all I want that there's a chance she'll workout the same time and place as me again, but she doesn't and she won't because I tried to smile at her.

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