Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm kind of ashamed that it's been almost a year since I purchased my dream mixer and I've only barely used it,despite it being on my wishlist for a decade. I ought to be baking bread breads and all the things that I dreamed about for a decade. I blame the fact that I hate my kitchen and I like sleeping too much. I'm afraid the shitty wiring in my kitchen will fry whatever electric components are in that fancy mixer because this devil kitchen killed two coffee machines over the course of six months. I've had more electrical issues here than anywhere else, probably because this place is comically old and probably renovated for the lowest possible price, which makes it difficult to give much of a shit about it all. I've really got to change the fact that I rarely bake, though. As it cools down, I intend on changing things a bit, cooking for friends, much like Tomsgivings used to be before it became just another day after everyone moved away and grew up.

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