Monday, September 05, 2016

I went into the day hoping to see the girl I met four years ago when I moved here, baking all the pies, but wound up drinking all the cheap beers and making all the pies for people who weren't the girl I met four years ago when I moved here, which sucks because I want to know her better than I do. Punk rock baseball,or pnkrkbbl,as the man so poetically called it, didn't happen as well as it has in previous years, which means I'm potentially getting older than I thought, which is no good. Someday I'll grow up... But this afternoon I seriously contemplated a Milo Goes to College tattoo because Milo wears a tie and Tom wears a tie on punk rock Thursday.

Naturally,it's my luck,but she's not here,probably moved away, I think her name was Megan, but I don't remember because I haven't seen her since then, but I wish I do every year at the co-op picnic. I make multiple pies because I want to see her and hope to talk to her again,but she's gone, probably to Portland with all the other trust-a-farian hipsters. She had cut marks on her arms, I remember that. But I haven't seen her since four years ago when I talked to her about volunteering and she mentioned volunteering at the Doors Open Milwaukee event,which I've volunteered at every year since, partially in the hopes of seeing her again, and partially because it's how we do in this part of town.

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