Sunday, August 28, 2016

The bookstore I've been volunteering at for the past two and a half years is finally shuttering its doors because of a lease gone awry. The whole thing bums me out more than it should because a brick and mortar bookstore, particularly a co-op bookstore specializing in counter-culture literature,isn't long for this world at all anymore.

It feels like things are falling apart again. My volunteer shift is ending, that super cute girl thing done, which is another thing that hits more than it should. I wanted that to work, it's not often I find someone else well versed in the canon of Degrassi. It's not often anymore than I'm attracted to another person, either. I mean,I can see a woman and recognize she's conventionally attractive, but I can also recognize that person is probably extremely vapid because they haven't had to be anything else in their life. But then she spoke... I wasn't talkative enough with her because I didn't want to expose my own "but then he spoke" scenario. There was this one conversation we had where she spoke of this letter written by Abigail Adams that's apparently taught as part of early American literature that she spoke very passionately about which turned me on more than I think anyone else has ever turned me on. So that's a big hit,but then I have to remind myself that she on occasion smokes weed, which is a dealbreaker for me, so this couldn't possibly work out. I add other strikes in my head to lessen the blow,but it doesn't work. I just feel awful about it, but everything feels like it's in a shambles, coming apart at the seems. I'm not much sewing things back together anymore.

I feel like I've been spending money frivolously since my Michigan vacation. I've been buying records that I can't even play because my receiver has been broken since before I moved to Milwaukee, so for four years now. When I finally finally find a proper "Tomnasium", a new receiver and turntable is among my first purchases, even before furniture, a new mattress, or fancy cookware that I've been depriving myself of because there's no space for it. There's a condo on the market that just about meets my specs for a Tomnasium, but I'm not ready for that yet. I've got nearly enough saved for a 50% down payment,but that's if I put every penny of savings towards it, which seems like a terrible idea because I do need to buy furniture because everything at my current pad is probably curb shopped and needs relegated to a fire in the back alley or on the curb and don't get me started on my car...

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