Monday, August 22, 2016

I spent part of my post-kilting hangover watching some movies, as one does.The choice of The Little Prince proved to be a good one. Choosing SLC Punk 2 was not so good.

The original SLC Punk came out at the perfect time in life while I was really starting to get into punk rock and became a manual of sorts on how to not become a walking stereotype. A few years later, one of my roommates had me watch the commentary to the movie with him because,as poor, bored, and hungry college students,that's how we killed time.Watching the commentary killed a lot of that movie for me because it proved they somehow just got really fucking lucky to have glommed onto this thing at the perfect time and got the perfect cast and really had no idea what they were doing. The sequel was clearly trying to do the same thing again,recycling the same characters from the previous movie, even the dead one, but not bringing back the main character and instead using his mannerisms in another character.The soundtrack for the original was pretty much perfect for a movies set in the mid 1980s celebrating punk rock. For a movie set in 2005, the soundtrack for the sequel was pretty much garbage,but exactly what I expected would happen. At least two Rancid songs, one from NoFX,and some Screeching Weasel and possibly The Vandals.

Young Tom wanted to believe that there was some clever symbolism in the original,naming the season in which it took place "the fall of hate". That symbolism wasn't intended and young Tom was a moron reaching for a meaning where there was none, like a nutjob Marxist trying to say Carpenter actually intended They Live as an allegory of the struggle of the proletariat against our bourgeois masters. That's not a thing,sometimes a movie starring Rowdy Roddy Piper is just a moving about kick alien ass.

I lost my point. SLC Punk 2 fails to replicate the humor and fun of the original,but seems to attempt to be a cash grab to milk money from a franchise that pretty clearly finished the story they were trying to tell in the original movie, like so many sequels tend to be(seeGreen Street Hooligans, Boondock Saints, and every Disney sequel put out over the past decade).

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