Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I put in my request for a week off in October to go to Minneapolis to see Winnipeg play Minnesota's team. I've begun the planning and checking out airbnbs and looking at restaurants and breweries and I think it'll be a good trip. Sucks I'm going it alone,but nothing can be done about it. I made a reservation for a four course meal at the good brewery. I'm not making the mistake I made with Montreal and not making my reservation early enough to get a seat at the Iron Chef competitor's restaurant.

And it's Irish Fest this weekend. I've got it planned that I'll be getting a great cigar because it's now been a decade since I packed all my shit into my Cadillac and drove to Seattle and it's time to look back on a decade misspent. I predict much beer drinking and a good possibility that I'll come home with utili-kilt, even though I don't have the calves for a kilt. Perhaps I'll get crazy enough to buy out the guy who sells the delicious Worcestershire chips because I can't get enough of those fuckers.

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