Saturday, August 06, 2016

I don't understand what's going on in my life right now,but there's suddenly women, plural, willing to date me. It's not like my hair is suddenly on point because I just got it cut and the ridiculous summer heat makes it nigh impossible to style properly. I'm not dressing all that differently, I'm taking full advantage of summer casual at work, so shorts as often as possible. I'm in desperate need of new glasses, it's not like I'm wearing cologne ever, nor am I bulking up from working out. In fact, I'm down to 124 pounds, almost where I was at when I moved here four years ago. But I'm getting awkward hellos and smiles from people who wouldn't normally do that kind of thing. I'll take it, though. I've got very little interest in dating more than one person at a time because I've got a tough time discerning what I've already told this person and I hate thinking I've repeated a story I've already told. But the super cute girl I've been seeing doesn't seem to want a committed relationship, and that's ultimately what I'm looking for, which means no more $150 steak dinners with her when I'm a guy who knows how to cook fairly well and could prepare an equally as delicious meal for easily half that in the relative comfort of our respective homes.

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