Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wish I could say it went well. It did not. I mean watching Degrassi with someone else for once was pretty fucking awesome, but the whole making sure we're on the same page thing didn't go like I had hoped. "When life throws a punch, son, you've got to take it on the chin."

I started my day yesterday extra early to get to the farmer's market to get flowers, deciding that it was only three miles away and that walking it was doable because I'm not a bitch. Unfortunately, it's a three mile walk through a rather unsavory part of town. Also unfortunately, the only people awake at 6:30 on a Saturday morning on the rather unsavory part of town are the extra cracked out ones. I'm fairly certain I saw a crackhead giving a man a blowjob a hundred yards from what I assume was a shooting because of all the police tape. There was a man on his knees facinf another man and the man on his knees was bobbing his head in such a fashion that one could only assume a beej was happening. I decided it was wise to head to the other side of the street if I was to keep going. Turning right around and going back home to my car wasn't an option because that would put me back a half an hour at that point and everyone knows the best picks at the farmer's market go to the early birds. I somehow made it without getting stabbed, but it's not a thing I'll ever do again and not because she said she's seeing other people and will keep it that way, but rather because I don't need to frequent a part of town that's no better than a demilitarized zone.

It doesn't get better. It's only 100° in my house right now and there's swarms of fruit flies attacking me for furiously sweating while sitting down and trying to drink away my sorrows while not being able to get the growler fill of that good beer I had in Michigan that was on tap at the brewery with the rotating taps a week ago. The 32oz "crowler" isn't going to get me where I need to be and a forty of OE800 might take me too far...

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