Sunday, June 12, 2016

Who has a date to see Turbo Kid at the outdoor theater? This guy! That girl that took a year to respond to me, somehow I made that happen. And now I'm scared. This girl is way cute, like jaw hit the ground when I first saw her profile, "why is she on a dating site" kinda cute. And now I've got to watch that episode of Gilmore Girls where Paris goes on a date with Tristan and prepares notecards with talking points that she ultimately doesn't wind up needing. Turbo Kid!

Do I dress up for this, seeing as how all my previous dates have gone fairly poorly because I wore a tie? Of course I'm dressing up! Because maybe she will too and I'm not about to be under dressed for a date to see fucking Turbo Kid. But she's not just super cute, she seems pretty smart and witty, too. And she likes Boggle and Scrabble! Can I do this without fucking it up, though? I think I've got this!

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