Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm doing my best to follow my cardinal rules of vacation: No regrets, no worries and no fast food.I'm at least followin no fast food this time. Fortunately, there's no regional fast food I need to try because McDonald's poutine doesn't make it this far and, when I tried that in Quebec, it was instant regret as soon as "Un poutine, s'il vous plait" exited my mouth. There are, however, many Big Boy restaurants in Michigan, which I thought ceased to exist years ago becoming a relic of a kitschy time long forgotten. There's also a chain in the U.P. called "Beef-a-roo" that Ikind of regret not checking out because its mascot looked pretty odd.

I'm failing the no worries rule because my mechanic mentioned it might be time for a newer car. I've had my current car for about a decade now and I was hoping to get it to 150,000 miles. I still could feasibly do that by putting a couple thousand dollars into fixing it up or I could put that couple thousand dollars towards a down payment on something newer or even new. Unfortunately, I don't want to do that. I'm about on a pace where, by the end of the year, I could have about a fifty percent down payment on a place similar to the one I REALLY liked earlier this year. I'm aware of fifty percent down payment on a condo or a house isn't normal, but, with the way the election's starting shape up, the economic outlook for the next few years doesn't look positive to me, even though I work for a bank. I may wind up dropping the car at a mechanic tomorrow because something doesn't seem right about it and I'd rather not have it blow up halfway home, so I might cut the trip to the suburbs of Detroit out because that's way the hell out of the way, even though I really wanted to get to that brewery.

No regrets isn't doing great because I stopped at this really cool vintage clothing store in Marquette. I wanted to get something for the cute girl I went to movie with, but nothing jumped out at me. I mean, there were some incredible dresses that she would have looked paralyzingly cute in, but I don't know her size and the lady at the store said they run small because they're from Australia and we've been on a grand total of one date, so that might well have been overkill and I'd rather not scare her off if I can help it.

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