Monday, June 27, 2016

Bed and breakfasts seem odd to me, I always get some person at breakfast who is extremely talkative and generally likes to make racist or politically baited remarks, but this morning's was great. This 70 year old man who lived out of a van a couple years in maybe the '80s. He said he's go to "third degree boat landings" or something where you'd put a smaller boat into a lake and, back then, camping was free at these places, so he lived out of a van. He talked about how he worked in Alaska for years and was part of the caviar farming business where he got taken by a "black hand" Japanese man, he made sure to say Japanese under his voice because there was a Japanese man at the next table. So, Mr. talkative goes on telling stories and he's done well for himself because he's got a Corvette parked in front of the B&B that he jokingly says was willed to him by Prince. He started talking about chakras and the healing powers of Yoga and T'ai Chi... It's too early for crazies when I'm only on my first cup of coffee, trying to plan on how far to get into the Mainland today.

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