Saturday, May 28, 2016

Well, nothing's gonna happen with that one. I'm always worried that with every successive try, I'm going to get burned out and jaded until it happens again that I'm excited for another someone.

Take that girl at work who started a year ago now who's like a decade younger than I am. I actually hung out with her and other coworkers after my workout Friday last week. The entire time, she was making fun of other non-present coworkers. At one point, she started in on the older lady and her wig. Sure, her wig wasn't very good, but I'm sure her reason for needing a wig was pretty fucking valid, a la cancer or some shit. Yeah, the old lady was always telling me I'm too skinny and need to eat more, but she was a nice lady. Definitely not deserving of being made fun of for needing a wig. So, in fine form, I got shithouse drunk because it was another of those "But The She Spoke" scenarios that happen all too often.

I need to start planning my vacation to Pastyfest. My plan was to drive around Lake Michigan, hitting up breweries along the way, but there's like a dozen breweries in mainland Michigan I'd like to hit and I feel like it's a terrible idea to go to three or four breweries in a day. Also, I'm over traveling alone. I mean, I don't want to be one of those people like my dad that can't function without a partner, but I also don't want to be like that girl I tried dating who was emotionally unavailable, so over dating someone that she couldn't open herself up. That genuinely worries me. i mean, I definitely want to go to Pastyfest for a third year in a row because, as soon as I hit Houghton and see the lifter bridge I feel great, like summer is upon me.This year, though, I'm trying a Michigan style hotdog. I'm looking forward to hitting up that little shack that smokes its own meat and has a deck overlooking Lake Superior. The U.P. has fast become my favorite place because there ain't shit there. Barely any people, interesting history(The U.P. is in the Eastern time zone because the people who owned the copper mines were in Boston, so it was easier to have them in the same time zone). Before I do a nig trip around a great lake, I need to get my car fixed up because Wendy's getting old. Over 130,000 miles on her, the last 10,000 of which have mostly been start and stop city miles. I don't particularly want a new car because I'm still heavily interested in getting a condo because living in this tiny shack in Riverwest is getting old and, at 35, it's time to stop living with my brother.

So, my weekend project is to figure out the route I'm going to take to Pastyfest and around Lake Michigan. Straight to Pastyfest or down through Illinois and Indiana, then up through Michigan for a week, Pastyfest, then down through Wisconsin? I'm going to feel fat after that's all over with. So many pastys and so many beers...

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