Saturday, May 14, 2016

I didn't WANT to get coffee this morning. I wanted to sleep in after my flight didn't get in until 11:30 last night. The upstairs neighbor, however, wanted to juggle bowling balls at five in the morning again and then proceed to drop individual screws and then vacuum them up.

I wanted to talk that couple at the coffee place and ask how a dude who looks like Claude from Degrassi, complete with gross facial hair and a pony tail, gets a cute girl who mocks the absurdity of lifestyle blogs and looks up Chinese peanut sauce recipes for Saturday night supper? Where do I find a girl whose idea of a good night isn't Netflix and space bag wine?

I've got an extra ticket to see Kevin Smith on Tuesday night. I was hoping to see the little curly haired girl at the fitness center and see if she wanted to go. She generally only comes in a couple nights a week and runs on the treadmill for like an hour, which is like, wow, a girl who actually cares about being fit? I didn't think those even existed anymore. I haven't seen that girl for over a month, though. One of the companies in the business park where I work recently changed its name and I'm worried she was a casualty to attrition or something. I should have talked to her that time she dropped her phone and it hit the treadmill tread and flew under the elliptical I was using. I hope that was an accident and not an attempt at getting me to talk to her. I mean, I drop my shit quite frequently and there's no easy way to plan to drop your phone and make it carom off to the machine behind you. I go out for food truck day every week and read on the lawn in the hope that I'll see her there, getting something from the Jamaican truck with the curried goat or getting a big burger from the good burger truck, but she won't crawl out her window. I want to ask her if she's running from zombies like I am or if she's training for something because she seriously goes all out for an hour on that treadmill.

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