Sunday, April 24, 2016

When the fuck does Spring start? It's still cold as balls here and I'm tired of always being cold. I'm ready to get get out in shorts one of these days. I'm now fairly certain that the cute girl at the coffee place ends her shift as soon as I come in because she's disappeared the past couple weeks while I came in to read, which feels bad, man, because I've never said more than "mug of coffee, black" to her. Maybe there's word around that "Yo, that guy's a creep" or something, I don't know.

I backed out of the BBQ competition that my work puts on this year because I don't know my elbows from my asshole about barbecue, despite the fact that it's a free paid couple days off, because I felt out of place last year, which was not a welcome feeling, even though it was fun. I got to see a Royals baseball game in the box seats for free, which meant free food and beers, all you could take. And, yeah, I took advantage of that, but they're out of town this year, so not thanks., because I don't know anything about barbecued pork except slow and steady wins the race. Maybe next year...

The whole giving up on dating thing kind of sucks because I still want to go out on dates, even though I feel too old and busted for all that. I don't see anyone I want to even try that with because everyone I see my age is gross and has given up on everything or has multiple kids and here my crippled ass is, working out five nights a week trying to keep in shape despite wanting to eat everything in sight.

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