Thursday, April 14, 2016

So Sunday morning, bright and early, I decided to do another cooking class because they were half off for the week and because it included stuff I wanted to learn how to make. In the international aisle at the grocery I shop at, they've got a big freezer with all these weird Chinese foods, and, when I want a cheat meal, I pick up a thing BBQ pork buns. Completely delicious and completely bad for you. I've seen Jamie Oliver make them and know that they're pretty easy, but I wanted some hands on experience so I wouldn't fuck them up badly when I tried. Turned out, the friendly lady who was at the previous class I took was at this one, which was cool, so that I at least almost knew someone there. We wound up learning how to make assorted dumplings and the pork buns I so truly love and I found a reason to throw down for a steamer basket so I can replicate everything at home.

Afterwards, with a full belly, I did my shift at the bookstore, and decided after that it was time for some beers at the so-called "high class" bar down the street. Two beers in, I notice this young woman stop in for a lunch. She was very cute. Rather than annoy her, I pretended to give a shit about golf on the tele and I noticed her giving me the eye now and then. Just before she left, she was boxing up her leftovers and I asked her what she had because it looked and smelled good and she said it was cauliflower steak, which sounds pretty awful, actually, but I didn't want to say that, so I left the conversation there. This whole week, I've been regretting not actually continuing that conversation and trying to engage her more. She was incredibly cute and not actively repulsed by me, which is rare. I've been trying to tell myself she must be new to the area because I haven't seen her around the neighborhood at all and maybe I'll see her again. I don't know, but festival season is coming up, so I'm hopeful.

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