Saturday, April 30, 2016

Over a decade ago, I started a band with some friends of mine because their lead singer didn't show up for practice one day and I was there watching Spongebob while the lead guitarist started playing the opening chords to Pretty Vacant, which caused me to run towards the open mic to scream my best Johnny Rotten impression. His reply was "Okay", and he started playing that Blink 182 song, the one before their big hit and I sang along, so he said "Wow, you know the words to that!". I said, sarcastically, "Wow, you know the chords.", which isn't any better. My hope was to make that band some sort of hardcore band that would eventually cover The Talking Heads' Same as it Ever was so that I could scream "Same as it ever fucking was!" I may have been a little ahead of my time at that point, we were living in a world where we didn't actually believe Lemmy, David Bowie, and Prince were capable of dying within six months of one another. My early twenties were a weird time. I worked a shitty job at a potato factory, which was largely where this whole blog thing started.

Where I'm going with this, I don't know, the radio man played that Talking Heads song I wanted to cover while I was driving back home from the geek bar where I celebrated International Tabletop Day by losing this crazy difficult game with a team of people that included a couple that had a poor dude suffering from kidney stones. I had hoped to win to make his suffering a little less bad, but the aliens were unrelenting in their attempt at conquering the human race while the human race was incapable of banding together to stop the alien onslaught. Such is life, I suppose.

The way that couple interacted, though, I've never had that. They were like a team, thinking together to try to stop the aliens, while at the same time trying to figure out what to do about the whole kidney stone situation, while at the same time still being a healthy couple. I don't even know what the fuck it was I witnessed tonight, I don't have a frame of reference to measure that against, but it was like a thing that I highly doubt I'll ever be able to get to.

After losing the game, I went back to the bar for another drink because defeat sucks, and I listened in on the conversation about how the one chick watched the game of thrones show at her boyfriends' place and the other chick wanted to get in on that action and I wonder is that it's all about now is who has the television stations?Is that all this is? Is that what we're reduced to where people are no longer interesting to us for more than providing a fucking television station? I don't get it. I don't want to be associated with this race anymore, I'm done. Fuck all of this. The experiment failed. We're all fucked, and not in a good way where someone needs to be high fived.

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