Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dammit! There's a girl I work with that I should be talking to. I'm well aware of it,but I haven't done anything about it. She told me se liked my shoes when I wore my Adventure Time boots, which are pretty dorky for a 35 year old man. I creeped her profile on the bad dating site about a year ago when I was dumb enough to pay money to get creeper mode so they couldn't see me browsing their profile and this girl likes the Replacements and beer. So, my perfect woman. It doesn't hurt that she's pretty hot, too. Through some reconnaissance, I found out she likes soccer, Arsenal, Johnny Rotten's favorite team, so I've been waking up extra early on weekends to make the televised matches at the English bars in my town to try to meet her while not at work, to no avail. It only takes a day of hard drinking started with a full English breakfast of beans on toast watching the soccer match to make me realize I REALLY need to talk to this girl to meet up with her on purpose sometime. Christ, how do I do that, though, without making work weird? I guess I don't work with her basically ever and I could relegate any tickets for her to the other guy if need be. So, Tom, get over your cowardice. And that brewery is hosting a six course meal in a couple weeks and she has a hoodie from that very brewery. Time to do something incredibly stupid...

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