Sunday, February 14, 2016

I went to an event at the coop bar down the street where folks were telling stories of their worst dates and it was possibly the most refreshing thing ever. Turns out I might not be as much of shit heel as I'm worried I am because there's some seriously fucked up dudes out there and some even more seriously fucked up women who agree to date these dudes more than once. And so, I don't feel so bad not wanting to date at all because, if my options are all women who are so desperate to go out on a date where they'll accept an invitation from someone who shows up an hour late and then can't afford the $30 dinner tab, I'm better off without this bullshit in my life. I guess it sucks that these shitstains are getting multiple dates, but I think that line about how "you accept the love you think you deserve" holds true.

I volunteered yesterday for an underwear run because volunteering at runs seems to be my thing now that I'm physically unable to run myself, hoping to potentially meet other single people. Turns out, other people who volunteer at underwear runs are engaged . There was one girl there, Bonnie, who wasn't, but she was young and hot and this thing was hosted by a bar and I'm not doing so great at the whole drinking less beer resolution as I probably should be. I'll blame the fact that winter is wearing on me at this point. I should've talked her, I had ample chances, but, when I heard her story about how she wanted to volunteer at a lot of runs, but she didn't like how disorganized everything was, so she'd only volunteer for races where they contacted her, I decide "no, thanks". Every volunteer opportunity is extremely poorly coordinated because coordinators have no real way of knowing who will actually show up and who's putting their name out there to feel better about themselves, so it's all very fly by the seat of your pants. If you're expecting more, you'll be sorely disappointed.

I particularly like that my profile gets messages one the awful free dating website on this day more than any other because women are so desperate to setup that last minute date to not be alone that they'll message that person who isn't good enough the other 364 days of the year, but, for this one day, they'll do, so they'll send that message "You seem so interesting, lol, I enjoyed reading your profile." I've got one in my inbox now according to my email. I'm not about to login to actually read it because I know where I stand when I wake up tomorrow. It doesn't matter until another 365 days from then because it's a leap year and her saying she wants to help me out in perfecting my biscuits and gravy recipe means "We'll try it once and then never again trying to see if that higher protein "00" flour makes for lighter, fluffier biscuits or if it really is possible that baking powder goes bad and loses its leavening power over time. < br />
Is it time to start that food blog that I registered a wordpress domain for? Probably not, I don't give much of shit outside of breakfast comfort foods.

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