Friday, January 01, 2016

Resolutions? How'd I do last year? I did the ask out a girl face to face thing. It did not go well. I went on dates, that also didn't go well. I went on vacation, but not Fest. While Fest was happening, I was in Montreal. I tried gardening again and everything died again. Well, I got a couple carrots out of it, actually. Tomsgiving IX didn't happen, but I did Birthanksmas, which didn't go well. I didn't move to a new place this year. My rent is ultra low here, so I'm putting money away like a bandit. This year? I guess I resolve to continue dating. The few dates I went on earlier last year weren't very enjoyable, making me think that perhaps I'm asexual. Later in year, I started seeing a girl I genuinely liked, which was a change of pace for me, but it turns out my picker is pretty shitty because I was lucky enough to pick one that was emotionally unavailable. I guess I don't know if I believe that excuse. Actually, I know I don't believe it. There's a good chance that I'm boring af, which didn't help me one bit. If I was anyone other than who I am, I think things would have gone better. I resolve to drink less beer. Since my trip to Montreal, I've tried over 100 distinct beers according to my Untappd profile. 100 beers in two months is a bit much, so Ive got to cut back if not stop altogether, which will be part of how I resolve to eat better. The girl I was seeing, Ms. "Emotionally Unavailable", was big on trying a completely sugar free diet, which I'd consider trying except that it's extremely difficult to find foods without sugar in them. But, according to the documentary I recently watched, eating a cleaner diet may give you increased energy, so I'd like to test that claim by cutting out coffee and as much sugar as I reasonably can. I'll continue to make two protein shakes a day because I'm seeing results from all that, but I'm going to switch protein powders to a sugar free one. I'm up to lifting the 20 pound weight with my bad arm now and I'd like to get that up to 30 by the end of the year. Is that reasonable? I don't know, but a year ago, the 20 pound weight sounded nigh impossible. I want to read 30 books this year. I got the kindle early last year and have been reading pretty frequently. If I find something I like, I generally finish it pretty quickly. I've got a good queue in my amazon wishlist that I can burn through over the course of the year. I want to seriously look at getting a condo. I'm 35 now, so it's perhaps time to adult up and get a place. I'm worried about that, though, because I feel like that anchors me to the area and I don't think I'm particularly convinced this is the place for me. I know what I want in a place, though, and I know what I want doesn't come cheap. Ms. "Emotionally Unavailable" had a shitty ugly box of a condo that was reminiscent of the apartment a friend of mine lived in a decade ago. There's a condo for sale, though, that's in a building that I think looks pretty cool and seems I think reasonably priced. I don't know how much of a loan my bank would be willing to give me, but I've got enough saved to put down a 35% down payment, which I think would help with all that. I have no idea how to go about all this, though, and I guess I had hoped that I'd be doing this with another person I planned on living there with. I think they call that planning a future and it seems like getting my own one bedroom condo is planning for a future spent alone. I mean, I like being alone most of the time, but sometimes it's kind of nice to wake up in the middle of night and seeing someone next to you and cuddling next to them. Maybe that's just some hokey silliness on my part, though. If I'm successful in getting a nice condo, I should get a dog. The condos I'm looking at all have hardwood floors and I kind of look forward to having hardwood floors and a dog and sending my mom a picture of my dog on my hardwood floors so she can have a mini heart attack from imagining them getting scratched to hell. I'm going to garden this year and I'm going to get at least one tomato out of it, dammit!

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