Monday, January 18, 2016

I was kind of hoping switching up my diet would unfuck my circadian rhythm. Every year, starting at about Halloween, I start waking up panicked at 1 or two in the morning every night. I attribute it to the fact that I don't want to go home for the holidays and it panics me to even think of going back to Bumblefuck Wisconsin to deal with the bullshit I got to deal with last year.My dad threw a fit because I wasn't dating anyone and how I'm "the end of our line", as though there's some glorious lineage it's my duty to continue. Apparently, it's imperative for the survival of our planet that I create another generation. I'm of the belief that there's no bigger favor I could do for this planet than to make sure the line ends here.

Anyways, my early morning restlessness usually stops shortly after Christmas. After a couple weeks, I'm usually settled in to a reliable sleep schedule again. Unfortunately, it's not happening like that this year. I'm still sleeping like absolute shit, which is why I'm surprised that I'm actually less tired as a result of eating better.

I think I blame the continued panics on the fact that my dad invited himself to my Birthanksmas celebration the day before, where he also brought his girlfriend and her dog. I also got to find out that he's asked this woman to marry him, despite the fact that he said during his recent divorce proceedings that he'd never get married again and also despite the fact that my grandma can't stand this woman. His brilliant idea, I'm told, is to not tell my grandma that they're getting married. How can that possibly go wrong? I was invited to attend the national bowling tournament in Reno in a couple months. When I mentioned I have no interest in ever going to Reno, I was asked to think about it, which leads me to believe that the plan is to get married in Reno. Maybe that's why I'm having continued issues sleeping. I swear, it's like someone's scripting this shit. My life is a bad sitcom or something.

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