Friday, January 15, 2016

I don't like being the kind of person who says after a long day or week "Man, I need a beer", but man, I need a beer.

The whole cutting back on sugar and eating better thing is going well.I tried that Greek yogurt because shit has less sugar than regular yogurt and I need yogurt in my morning protein shake. The thing they don't tell you about Greek yogurt is that it has consistency of what I'd call "severe sinus infection". So, never again. But, the whole having more energy thing isn't complete bullshit. I wouldn't say I have more energy, I'd say it's easier to wake up in the morning. My daily workouts feel more intense, which could be good or bad. I think I pulled a muscle last week in my back. Shit hurts.

I got scheduled to head to our disaster recovery site to meet a contractor to replace a bad security camera. I don't understand our disaster recovery site because, in the event of a zombie apocalypse or atomic bomb leaving our main location a smoldering hole in the ground, I don't think a building across the street from the airport is going to be accessible to anyone.I can tell you that, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I'm not leaving Riverwest. Maybe I'll loot Whole Foods, but I'm sure as shit not going to work. So the contractor comes in and lets me know his work order is for 2nd floor elevator camera and I let him know we aren't on the second floor. "Well, can we go down there and look anyways?" Fine, I'll placate you. We get there and he steps off the elevator lets me know that's definitely not his camera while I notice the sign on the door that reads DHS. Yes, that DHS.Bur dude wants to dick around, make some phone calls and figure this out, all in plain view of this camera he's well aware isn't his.He's on the phone two minutes before Mr. DHS man comes out and asks us what we're doing and dude brushes him off as though this guy couldn't shoot us simply because he was having a bad day. So I'm standing next to an elevator, trying to give my best "I really want to get the fuck out of here" face to the contractor while a heavily armed and armored cop is getting increasingly annoyed at our mere presence. Finally, it's determined that this is not the camera we're looking for and we're not fixing a camera today. Not how I wanted to spend my lunch hour.

I get back to work just in time for the server cutover from QA to production. Kind of a big deal. If shit goes pear shaped here, it's going to be a long night. First hour is uneventful. So much so, that I browsed to look at the website with the condo I've been looking at for months. Between yesterday and today, its price went down $15,000. I was telling my friend yesterday that if it went down another 10, I was going to jump. Well, 15 is more than 10and puts it at a reasonable price. Reasonable enough for downtown, bordering on third ward. So, time to jump. Soon as I put in my contact information, they're lighting my shit up, while I'm still on a conference call for a server cutover, while I'm half asleep from waiting for a three gigabyte database transfer to complete. Naturally, that's when shit starts to go pear shaped. After another hour of trying to unfuck everything, things start working. Testing can happen, and I can finish my part.

Do i feel like going on "Date night with Tom" again? It's been a long week and I need a good meal prepared by someone else, but being around people sounds awful. As much as I want to eat a giant plate of Mexican food or a giant burger, or a pizza, a night in my pajamas, a beer, and some chicken and dumpling soup sounds perfect.

So, I've got a showing for my dream condo planned for Monday afternoon. A place that looks similar to my old apartment with exposed brick, high ceilings, a natural gas fireplace and heavy wood beams on the ceiling. and a gorgeous spacious looking kitchen. And indoor heated parking. So now I get to find our what 1100 square feet looks like. Terrifying? Yes. But I'm adulting now and I've liked this building since I walked past it to get to the ugly post office to mail my final hospital bills three years ago. So, exciting! A hundred thousand dollar loan loan, though? WTF is this shit?

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