Saturday, January 23, 2016

After another half-assed attempt at dating last night, I can say I'm probably good for a while. I'm actually a terrible date and maybe it's good that I can recognize that, that I hate talking about myself and I hate smalltalk even more. Worse stillis trying to hold a conversation while eating Mexican food. Delicious Mexican food because this was a place rated one of the best Mexican places in the city, which is why I suggested this place.

Apparently, one of my selling points is that I write well. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate into speaking well, and, while it's a good compliment to hear that my messages seem well thought out, it's not quite as good to hear as "You're pretty cute". I didn't opt for the tie last night because that hasn't gone over well over the past year, I've, in fact, been made fun of more for dressing somewhat decently than I have been complimented on it, which honestly surprises the shit out of me. It seems like it's expected that I show up in a sports jersey with mustard stains or something and drink Bud Light lime while talking incessantly about basketball and the upcoming March Madness or how the Superbowl is fixed, rigged by the government so that a certain team wins.

Perhaps it's not a good thing that I wasn't excited for this date at all and maybe it was a fuck up on my part for even suggesting it when this girl wasn't a "fuck yes", going against conventional wisdom. I spent my morning at work angrily trying to fix whatever bullshit broke overnight while being angry at myself for even suggesting this date because I was fairly certain she was going to flake, that I was going to be sitting at a bar drinking shitty beer and eating chips and salsa waiting for someone that wasn't going to show up.

It's also probably not great or great conversation that the highlight of my week was going to the bar Sunday night to watch the Democratic debate and being happy that I live in a place where I can go to a bar to watch a Democratic debate and have 20-30 other people there doing the same thing.

Its very well possible that I'm not in the right place for dating right now when the person I relate to the most in my life is Randall Graves. Coincidentally, I purchased two tickets to see Kevin Smith speak in mid-May because I stupidly thought earlier this week that getting a date by mid-May seemed like something I could actually do. Now, I feel like I just bought a place to put my jacket. Sure, I could ask out the new girl at work or the new girl at the fitness center, but, based on recent prior experience, both are extremely awful ill advised ideas.

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