Monday, August 10, 2015

It's coming time to knock that resolution about asking a girl out face to face out of the park. There's this girl... The second rate basketball team moved their ticketing office into the top floor of my building earlier this year. I workout on the daily in our fitness center after my daily work is done and this girl from "second rate basketball team" comes in a few times a week to run on the treadmills. She's cute as a button, I mean, cute hair, she's short and everyone from second rate basketball team high fives her when they come in while she's running, so she seems well liked. Naturally, I've noticed her and never thought anything of it because "girl who's cute as a button? What would she want with boring me?" I don't know. I rode the elevator down a floor a couple weeks back because I'm a lazy I.T. guy and she was in there riding it to ground and I said sorry as she almost stepped out, almost running into me . I was embarrassed to be be seen riding an elevator down a floor when stairs would have sufficed, but when we reached ground, I let her off first and she thanked me. Like, I don't even understand. She thanked me and walked quickly out of there. Naturally, I had to over-analyse that exchange and decide it meant something and get excited about "cute as a button girl" potentially being interested. As one does. I started reading on the ground floor for my lunch break so I could not be reading in a break room on my lunch break and she walked by on Friday and said hi to me, which has no reason at all to be a thing. So I spent an entire weekend going over that in my head ultimately deciding that I need to make something happen, today, Monday, if at all possible. She hasn't come into the fitness center for a couple weeks now, but today, Monday, she did, her friends kind of forced her to. I mean, they literally pushed her in there and she said something to them. I smiled her way because I was really happy to see her. If my headphones weren't so loud, I could have heard what she said to them as they pushed her, but loud music helps tune out the pain of 1000m on the rowing machine. By the time I finished my workout and got changed into normal clothes, she was running away on the treadmill and I didn't want to tap her on the shoulder to ask her for a beer, potentially causing her to wipe out terribly and embarrassing her worse than weird I.T. guy asking her out for a beer would embarrass her to the two other people in the fitness center, neither of which she works with. My greatest hope right now is that she goes out for food truck day tomorrow and I see her there while I'm working on reading my book about cadavers. Hopefully she doesn't ask about my book about cadavers because it's not quite a book I want to talk about with a girl who is cute as a button, unless she's into that kind of thing, which might make my heart explode.

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