Saturday, March 21, 2015

I've emailed half of that 30 I need in six months and this shit sucks worse than I had imagined. Every one of these women is "laid back, likes to have fun, and is looking for a partner in crime and loves to travel". For all the ones looking for a partner in crime, I want to tell them that I'm not down with committing felonies. That shit didn't end well for John Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde. As far as having fun goes, I'm considering making a Plankton costume so that my profile picture and caption can relate to that song. And traveling, I've never met a human that hates traveling. Of course, I've never met Karl Pilkington, so I suppose it is possible there is one.

It's a complete echo chamber out there. Zero replies to 15 messages so far. I didn't have a ton of confidence to begin with, but this is just frustrating. Granted, none of the women I've messaged are the early-mid 30s divorcées with kids, plural, and who look like Major Houlihan from MASH.

I guess I was hoping that if all these people are paying for this shit, they're going to take it seriously, I kind of hate it now.

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