Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolutions. I think I did alright this time around. I accomplished the easy ones, at least. I attempted to grow a garden, but the unseasonably cold summer killed off my fledgling plants. I actually bought a tv. Our old one died, so I broke down and got the 50" one that was $20 cheaper than the 40". I bought a few records. Not a lot, but far more than I've purchased in the past few years, so I feel slightly less old and out of touch. I hit the gym, severely cut back my beer drinking and have noticed some increases while my waist has decreased. I feel good about that. I fit into an extra small now and I've expanded my wardrobe. Now they know me as the guy who wears nice shirts and ties at work, which is weird to me. I volunteer weekly at the anarchist bookstore, which is fun. I went to Pastyfest in the Upper Peninsula for a mini-vacation. So, this year, then:

Vacation. I got hired and my first day was today. I get 4 weeks of vacation, so I'm going to Fest, I'm going back to Pastyfest, I'm going to visit my best friend and his kid in Alaska and I want to do a weekend in Chicago. I may go to New Jersey when Clerks 3 is filming. I'd like to go to Montreal, but I've got to study on Duolingo so my French is passable, even though their dialect a little different.
Garden. This year, I need to order my shit in February and get the plants started earlier so that they're hardier when it's time to transplant them into the ground. I know where I made mistakes last year, so I'm going to fix them.
Move. I need a bigger place. My bro and I got promotions at our respective jobs, so we can afford a much nicer place than where we're at. Unfortunately, we'll probably have to leave Riverwest for the east side to get a respectable place. I may need to look into condos, which I'm hesitant about. An Ikea spree may well be part of this.
I'd like to actually ask a girl out. Because the whole "not hesitating" thing went so well, I think this is something I should do. I haven't actually tried to ask a girl out in many years, even if you count the Gogol Bordello girl debacle, which you probably shouldn't. I haven't been nervous excited about meeting a girl for dinner or coffee in years I've relied too heavily on online dating sites to get dates, which has proven to be an extreme bust. I don't get excited about anyone by viewing a profile and the signal to noise ratio on those sites seems pretty high. When I do find someone who seems genuinely interesting, I try to put a well thought out message and don't get anything back. The online thing isn't worth the trouble. I unfortunately don't have anyone in mind to ask out, which is troublesome because I've got an extra ticket to see Alton Brown on Valentine's Day. The girl at work(who I'm not certain is dating anyone, that guy could have been a brother[there I go daydreaming, seeing what I want to see]) gives me butterflies whenever I see her, which sucks, but I think it's good that I know that someone is able to do that to me, it's not a thing that's happened in a very long time. If I'm going to Pastyfest again, I'm probably staying at the same bed and breakfast I stayed at before and I decided then that staying at a bed and breakfast alone feels terrible and is really awkward when the married guests want to talk with the other guests. The cute retired couple were nice, but they seemed baffled that I was there by myself. I actually need to try this year, make more than a half-assed attempt. I've accepted that I was an extremely shitty boyfriend the last time I was in that position, but I think I can do a better job given the opportunity again.
I should look into getting a newer car. If I don't do the condo thing, a car needs to happen. I may wind up driving to Winnipeg in 2016 because there's word of an outdoor hockey game and plane tickets to there seem more expensive than driving would be, but I don't think I'd be comfortable making that trip in my current ride.
Tomsgiving IX. If I'm in a bigger place with a better kitchen, the next Tomsgiving has to be opulent. Jamie Oliver cooked a goose for his Christmas special, maybe I want to try that. Maybe not the same way he did it because roasting it right on the oven rack in the oven seems like it'll be exceptionally messy, but it looked fucking delicious. And with my hopefully beautiful garden produce, it'll be something special.

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