Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't hesitate? I fucked up the best chance I've had all year by hesitating and my brain won't let me hear the end of it. Ghostbusters played down by the lake last night, which I've been waiting for all summer. The situation was exactly the way it was in my daydreams: I get done with my post work work-out, and the cute girl at work was doing her weekly practice her violin outside thing. That was where I was supposed to walk up to her and ask what she's doing tonight and, if she says she's doing nothing, see if she'd like to come along because the geek bar had arranged a "field trip" down to the lake to participate. And there's where my brain tells me that she'd have had something better to do and she would have called all her friends and told them how that IT guy probably just tried asking her out and what a creeper! 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 I can't even right now! Because I didn't ask, my brain has gone through probably all the possible scenarios where she would have said yes and made me think about how the night would have gone gone right, even though the caterer at the event ran out of food and, for whatever reason, they didn't have food trucks, just an overpriced kettlecorn stand. All the possible things I could have talked about. Saturday is the Doors Open event and I'm volunteering for the third year in a row because all the historic buildings in Milwaukee are fucking cool and they've got me stationed at the school across the street from where our old work building was. Or how the previous night, she had competed in the 5K run put on by the campus we work at now and how she finished 5K in 21 minutes. Just over three miles in 21 minutes. Yeah, she'd want to hang out with a guy who is physically unable to run if she's the kind of a person where 5K is her warmup. Keep fucking hesitating, boy, and you'll find yourself in the situation you were in last week where the bartender at the geek bar was cozying up with some Karl Pilkington looking motherfucker who I overheard bragging to his friends how he could bag this one tonight.

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