Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A few weeks back, while I was assisting with moving my current job to a new location, I made what I thought, in hindsight was a terrible judgment. We had finished our second and final weekend of relocating to another building and where better to take a group of geeks than to the geek bar? My favorite bar in the city, which offers geek themed cocktails, video and board gaming and an atmosphere welcoming to your average computer geek. We hit the place up to watch the soccer match and play some video games. After three Peebers, two shots, and a flappy bird inspired cocktail, my brain decided it was a good idea to leave the bartender a note referencing the name of one of my favorite Eels songs. After sobering up, I realized what I had done, so I avoided the place for a few weeks because I didn't want to be part of the ensuing awkwardness. Fast forward three weeks. I figure enough time has passed where it's possible my faux pas is in the past and it may be safe. While proceeding to get hammered during the Bastille days celebration, their Renaissance Faire bus returned to the bar, along with the bartender who is the lady who was most unfortunate in catching my eye. And, rather than recoiling in horror as I expected, she actually engaged me in light conversation. Obviously this means nothing, but my evil and retarded brain wants to believe maybe it's not stupid and wrong to try this. So, time to get a nice new tie and a nice new shirt, take myself on a date on Friday night to the taqueria I've wanted to visit and then stop by the geek bar to see if she's receptive when I see her again. Of course I'm setting myself up for one hell of a fall, once again, but it's like the song says Maybe it's time to live. And if things don't go well, I'm taking myself to the popup ramen shop for a pickmeup Peeber and bowl of ramen. If things go extraordinarily well, I might have a guest for a Peeber and bowl of ramen and hopefully some good conversation.

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