Monday, June 30, 2014

My first vacation in years and I failed my no regrets rule. I regret not talking to that girl at the brewery who was working on her laptop and eating a salad. Inviting her for a beer flight with five half pint samples woulf have been alright. And I fucked up by not getting a Michigan dog, a chili dig with "Michigan sauce", which appears to be their own style of Coney Island sauce. I had been wanting to see what Pastyfest was about for a while, and this year's move where I work provided that opportunity by working two weeks without a day off. I booked a stay at a bed and breakfast because I've also wanted to see what that's about. I think I understand the appeal, but, as a single guy, it's not a thing I think I'll do again where a hotel will do just fine. The strange feeling I get when I eat at a restaurant alone was amplified quite a bit when the elderly couple talked to me during the breakfast part of the stay. The bed part was pretty good, but I wanted to lay there all morning because it was so comfortable and being alone in the bed with no one to talk to isn't all; that great because my mind lets me know that I've got other shit to do. Traveling as a single person, however, still ranks pretty highly because of the freedoms it affords. Rule #1 of travel for me is no fast food, so meals rarely are a spur of the moment thing. Typically, I'll have to see some road sign that sounds appealing. When I saw the "moose crossing next 12 miles" sign, initially I thought how I really wanted to see a moose, but probably not really, then went to wondering if I could eat moose. I didn't look too hard into that because I'm guessing a moose steak isn't tiny. Why traveling while single rules: I woke up, caught a quick breakfast of french toast and some toast with blackberry basil jam that was delicious, then went to festival celebrating pasties, watched a parade for a festival celebrating pasties, went on a tour through an old copper mining town to learn the history of the area, then drove into the next town over and hit up two breweries while watching a fireman's picnic unfold. Most of that wasn't planned ahead of time. I only planned for the pastyfest and maybe a brewery, if I could find one. Having worked two weeks solid and hot having had a proper vacation in years, this was the recharge I needed. While I likely won't ever do a b&b again as a single man because of how uncomfortable it made me, I'd consider going back to the area because of how scenic it was with the shores of Lake Superior ending right beside the road and how friendly the locals were. Here's hoping I actually get hired on to my job so I can use actual vacation time rather than just taking an unpaid day next time I need to escape civilization.

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