Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dear Thomas Tumult, You really need too work on the not hesitating thing. You stayed at a bed and breakfast for the Pasty Fest like you've wanted to for a few years and you enjoyed pasties and then you enjoyed beers at the brewery, but there was a girl also enjoying beers at the brewery who had feathers in her hair who you were staring down like an asshole who you should have made a move on, but you decided to leave and check in to your room and hope she was still there when you got back. You haven't realized yet that fate plays against you, and she wasn't there when you returned, but her empty platter was there, so you decided to see if she would show up later in the night. She did not. You dumb motherfucker. Next time you're on vacation and you've got nothing to lose, you go for it! She might have been interested, but your idea to try a beer flight couldn't have been too bad, fives test beers later, she might have been charmed by your stupidity and then things could have gone better than they eventually did when you found out bar time in Michigan is 11:00 and that the U.P. operates on the Eastern time zone. Fuck you and all that you stand for. Love, Tom

said Tommy T. at 11:39 PM - #

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