Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm spending my night working on a hard drive for my desktop computer. A new hard drive it doesn't necessarily need, but the internet tells me solid state drives make it so your computer boots in eight seconds. I don't reboot but once every couple months, but I want to be able to say that my computer boots in eight seconds, too. I've fonud this whole process would be far easier if I had a table of some sort with which to do work on, but my current place is small, so a table is a luxury I don't have.

I went to IKEA for the first time ever as a single person after dropping my brother off at the airport. Even being single, that store fucking sucks. I found a wardrobe that would have been great and have basically doubled my closet space because my current closet is what I believe to be an ex kitchen pantry. I couldn't get the damn boxes loaded on the flat cart, which made me realize I wouldn't be getting it up my front steps without killing myself, even if I could load it on the damned cart. So, no extended closet space until I decide it's time to move. My problem with moving is that I really love the neighborhood I'm in, but every house around here is going to be the same. Small, with an extremely shitty kitchen. Thinking about that gets me the "do I want to get a condo downtown?" train. No, I don't want to do that. Brady Street? Don't really want that, but compromises may have to be made to get a non-shitty place near this neighborhood.

And I need a new place if I'm going to do anything about this stupid crush I've got. Christ, I'm almost 34, I should be over this kind of bullshit by now. It should be as easy as "Hey, I think you're pretty cute. Want to try a new Mexican restaurant with me?" I feel guilty that my opening line is "I think you're cute", though, like that's reducing her to her looks. I tried the dating website thing and hanging out with a girl I didn't think was very cute and that didn't go well. When I realized she wanted things to go farther than I really wanted, it's time to nope out of there, and so, I guess that's an important thing, as shitty as it sounds.

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