Saturday, March 08, 2014

It was about a year ago now that I lost that job that I really hated. My boss was possibly the worst boss I've ever had, hated by his subordinates and unable to dictate work responsibilities. He was one of those guys who tried excruciatingly hard to be well liked by everyone, repeating terrible jokes he heard on the radio on the way to work. On election day, I heard him make the joke ten times that "Obama's ahead in exit polls. But that'll change when everyone gets done with work." and on Pearl Harbor Day, I cam in to "don't trust a Jap today, it's Pearl Harbor Day." I tried to make a fake laugh, but I simply couldn't not make a "Did you actually just say that?" face. I was brought on to work on an internal wiki for anyone taking calls to look up information on their clients. The people in my group, the ones I needed to get the information for the wiki from, weren't interested in helping me get what I needed because it was just another one of my boss's stupid ideas. So, my average day was asking for help from a dude whose cube was next to mine and receiving the reply "I'm busy, can you ask me next week?" This is on Tuesday. "Once I somehow finished creating the wiki after finding a wealth of information from hard to decipher diagrams, it was decided that I did a good enough job that I should work on their next project of updating IP addresses on all of 2,000 or so remote routers, all of which had to be done individually. I figure the whole job could have been easily scripted by someone with more scripting skills than I have because each IP address was incremented by ten, but I was hourly, so the more hours, the better. Once again, they fought tooth and nail about getting me what I needed. I had to be given blocks of IPs one subnet at a time, but I couldn't get a new subnet until they could find me the addresses I needed to connect to, which involved a process intensive port scan on their end that took hours. Rather than simply starting it at the end of the day and letting it go overnight like any sane person would do, they had to do it during work hours, so I was often left waiting for days for another subnet to work on. I'd let my boss know that "hey, I'm waiting for work here. Give me something to do, I want to work!"

"oh Tom, just browse the internet until we get back to you." That was Tuesday. The following Monday, they might get back to me. Often, the only person that would actually speak a word to me in a day was the receptionist as I went out for lunch, so, naturally, seeing her was the best part of my day and, idiot that I am, I developed a crush on her. I told myself that if they ever got rid of Jessie, I'd quit then and there because this job was fucking miserable and not having anyone acknowledge my existence was fucking with me.

So it was the day before St. Patrick's Day when I went out to lunch and the regular receptionist hadn't been in for a few days. I asked the fill-in "What happened to Jessie? Is she okay?" "Oh, she took another job somewhere else. Can I help you with anything?" Fortunately, when I came back from lnuch, they told me my contract hadn't been extended, so I didn't have to quit, but I was really bummed out by that one because I won't be seeing her ever again. That sucks.

I work down the street from that place now and still occasionally see people I used to work with, the asshole with the mustache that comes in as thick as a pubescent boy's, he still hasn't figured out he should probably shave that dumbass looking thing.

I only think about this now because it's almost st. Patrick's day again and I was right that I'd never see her again and that really bums me ou, even after going to a hockey game last night riddled with fights and very nearly a goalie fight, the most holy of holies.

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