Monday, January 06, 2014

It would be too obvious to complain about the cold, but that's not a thing I need to do, especially because I'm seriously considering taking a trip to Winnipeg next year at about this time for an outdoor hockey game where the bullshit polar vortex they're calling this thing is a thing they call "winter" in Manitoba. Considerations for that trip include "are handwarmers a thing in Canada because they're not a thing according to spellcheck?" and "How well do I have to know the French part of the national anthem?".

I was pissed to see the homeless guy by my work outside this afternoon because, during the days it's been really cold, he's been somewhere else, presumably indoors, and how could anyone with a conscience allow anybody to be outside in this bullshit. I don't care if the dude hasn't showered. He's not insane and he's still a person, so he should be inside. I fucked up because I didn't stop to ask him what the fuck he's doing outside because I wanted to get to my car so I could be on my way inside and now I feel guilty.

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