Saturday, January 11, 2014

I don't like being one of those people who subscribe to the upgrade ladder of things like phones. My first cell phone lasted me six years, eternity on the scale of electronic equipment. I only gave it up because its battery was shit and I couldn't get a replacement anymore and it wasn't up to snuff for modern tasks like text messaging.

I've had my current phone for just under three years and it's showing its age. I want to hold onto it for as long as possible because I don't want to be one of those scumbags who jumps on the latest and greatest bandwagon. I was humiliated when I got a smartphone because I didn't feel important enough to need such a thing and I don't want to be like the people who shop at wal-mart who can't afford food that's good for them, so they buy nacho chips for 79 cents and can't afford condoms at 50 cents a piece, so they have a litter of kids, but still somehow manage to afford the latest iDevice. I don't shop at wal-mart in the city not because ?i don't want to see the people of wal-mart, but because every wal-mart in the city is the shittiest, ghetto store you've ever seen. It's a place where stereotypes are born, where I've been asked by bums if I had 29 cents to spare. That's an oddly specific amount of change to ask for and I don't know of anything that's that cheap, even in the day old bakery section.

But one of my resolutions was to potentially get a television and to finish my HTPC build. Olympics are coming up and, as much as I don't want to support them because Russia are dicks, Olympic hockey is the best hockey you'll ever watch. So, I should put that resolution front and center and look at televisions and remotes and figure out if I can watch that hockey using OTA rather than getting cable. And then the question arises "Do I want to build a whole new PC for this?" Of course I do, the graphic design lady at work has 16GB of RAM on her PC which is as much as my home PC, which is an affront ot my manhood, but do I need to be the guy buying a desktop computer in 2014? Maybe, I have no use for a tablet because I'm not a fucking smug yuppie white person, I spend no time in coffee places trying to look cooler than everyone else and, when I go to the gym, I go to the gym to work out, not to sit at a bike and read while pretending that I'm burning calories.

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