Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I can honestly say that's the weirdest fucking new year I've ever had. I decided that I'd spend it at the bar I was at last year, which, because it's on their LBGT night, they didn't change things, so, while pre-gaming, I made sure to remind myself there's to be no making out at midnight if anyone offers. I'm an ugly bastard who can't co-ordinate an outfit, though, so I've got nothing to worry about.

Shit got weird quick when the M.C. promised the biggest boobies in Milwaukee, which didn't appeal to me because comically large boobs are gross. But when the drag queen gave a strip tease to Betty Davis Eyes and had eyes colored onto his(her?, its?) boobs, I laughed and raised my Hamms because that shit's hilarious. Gay dudes know how to throw a fucking party. I saw the worst hairlines I think I've ever encountered there, but shit was still great.It's refreshing as an ugly motherfucker to be able to completely let go because none of these people are looking at me as a potential mate, nor am I looking at them as one, either, so everyone could let go and enjoy themselves. All in all, a good way to spend a new year even if it's not kicking everyone's ass in a spelling bee.

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