Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This is a good Christmas. I didn't go home because of the debacle that happened at Easter where my step sister talked shit about the fact that my brother was taking a vacation to Europe, his first vacation in five years. The ensuing fight between my Grandma and that side of the family had my step mom telling everyone to go home. I'm glad I missed that whole thing.

I also stayed home to avoid the "Are you seeing anyone? When are you going to have kids?" thing because I've given up explaining that that's not going to happen because my left arm doesn't work and what if I make boys or a girl who likes baseball or who takes an interest in hockey because I like it? I'm not brave enough to even attempt skating if I could figure out a way to lace my skates because my balance is shit without the added complexity of ice being slippery.

I feel bad that I didn't see my mom but she's well aware of the Easter debacle and doesn't blame me for skipping it completely knowing that I can't trust my family to not pull a stunt like that again. So I got to sleep in for a Christmas for once. I got to then pour a beer, light up a cigar and kick back, waiting for my brother to get back from his job so he can open his gifts and eat some deviled eggs which I made because he always laments having to miss my Grandma's deviled eggs because of work. Yeah, this could become my own tradition, one that I'm okay with, except cigar on a relatively empty stomach isn't good.

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