Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's the time to make resolutions again, resolutions that I probably won't follow through on like I didn't go to Fest this year and I didn't grow my garden and I didn't learn to make authentic marinara sauce. I can give valid excuses for all of the above, but they're nothing more than excuses. I can say 2013 wasn't bad. I've got a job that's good and pays well. I'm still a contractor, though, but I'd like to believe I'm proving myself. And they like me! My co-worker got me a bottle of the Iron Maiden beer because he's been on vacation for the past week and a half.We're moving from our building in downtown to a new building which used to house the Schlitz brewery later in the Spring, which should be fun. I plan on volunteering any help I can provide for our project to go completely to Linux servers from Microsoft servers. Problem is, home base is located in Kansas City and I don't know how much assistance I can provide from Milwaukee. We live in a networked world, yes, but setting up servers is infinitely less risky when you're in the same location as it is.

I'm doing my garden this year. The place I contacted about getting a plot didn't get back to me until late May, which wasn't enough time to get seeds, get them started, weed my plot and do all the other preparations required but I've found another place where one can get a plot, so I can potentially have a plot there, one in the park by the reservoir and one in my back yard. That's a lot of tomatoes, tomatilloes and carrots.

I need to finish my home theater PC I started a few years back and maybe I should get a television. I'll have to replace my dead audio receiver, so we're already talking a couple thousand dollars. I'll need to find a new place to live because my living room is already too full to have a small computer, a television and a receiver with speakers.

I need to listen to music again. I purchased exactly one song from the amazon music store this year. That's sad. My drinking buddy wants us to have a night where we spin punk rock records at the bar, which I'm all about. We've also spoke about doing lawn movie nights using my projector to project a movie onto a house. That won't work on my house because it's too contoured to be effective.

I need to hit the gym again. I got some new clothes the other day from the place that has good looking men's clothes and found I no longer fit into extra small. I know I've gained weight, not comically so, I can still rock a small, just not the extra small. So I can afford to drop five or ten pounds. Just not in January with the other resolutionists. It's also consistently one of my goals to get my hand working well enough again to be able to wear gloves because cold weather necessitates it. I've been using my splint consistently with little noticeable progress, except for being able to use a can opener again. Next year: gloves.

I want to bake at least one loaf of bread a week. Maybe something as simple as some breakfast baps or something complex like brioche. I watched a BBC series last year about these British housewives who got together in their church basement for a couple months and learned to bake bread. The BBC then paid to restore a mill to mill their flour and sent the women a professional artisan baker to train them how to make exotic breads that'll appeal to yuppies. I don't know how that's going to affect my weight loss goal. Gluten doesn't help in weight loss. And perhaps I'll work on that food blog idea

I need to figure out if I want to put down roots here. I really love my neighborhood, I like volunteering to make it better and I like meeting people who live around here but the current cold snap and snowy nights remind me why I hate Wisconsin. It's not Seattle, so is this where I want to stay?

I need to quit hesitating. When I won the drunken spelling bee last year, there was a girl in it with me who was talking to me the whole time, telling me she hoped I'd win.She had an odd dude with her that got eliminated early on who later, as I left, told me he wanted to date this girl. Was she genuinely interested or was she deflecting so she didn't have to deal with that dude? I'll never know because I've not seen her since that night. Had I taken the initiative, I could have made a new friend.

I want to take a vacation. I don't care if I go to Fest or not, but I'd like to do something somewhere. I've already given up on the Alton Brown excursion because the cheap(<$200) tickets are gone. I haven't left the state in years unless you count went I drove to O'Hare to pick up my brother from the airport. I had a weekend in Chicago planned for that Alton Brown thing, which included a stay at the cool hotel and culinary hotspot visits. Maybe I'll go to the Upper Peninsula for Pastyfest like I've wanted to do for a couple years. Now that my car runs well, it's less of a concern to drive for hours to parts unknown.

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