Sunday, December 01, 2013

Birthanksmas needs to make a comeback this year since Tomsgiving didn't happen. Birthanksmas was my holiday where I did all my Christmas shopping in one day and then ate a ridiculous meal at whatever restaurant tickled my fancy at that moment, generally some form of asian food. I tried it last year and I tried pho soup because I've heard nothing but praise for it, but the place on Oakland Ave wasn't that great and the soup was watery. So it needs to not be shitty this year.< br/>
I've drunkenly made plans for how I want this to go down. I had to cancel Tomsgiving plans with invited friends because of my not working car, which is embarrassing as all get out, so my plan is to make all the dishes I planned for Tomsgiving and spending a weekend baking cookies like my aunts do and then distributing those cookies as necessary. I figure I can give a tin of cookies to my neighbors, the hispanic lady whose kids com every weekend to clean her garage and refuse to use her doorbell, so instead honk their horn, the Jewish family across the street with the shitload of kids and the meth-heads across the street who live next to the Jewish people. Are holiday cookies offensive to Jews? Or meth-heads? And I've wanted to do Christmas tamales, as is hispanic tradition, for a while and I think the hispanic lady neighbor would like that, too, if I were to deliver some to her doorstep. Is that racist? I don't know, I don't buy tamales at the store anymore because of my no convenience food resolution and I'd love a tamale right now.

The problem with all this is, it revolves around my car working enough to get me to the good grocery store that has things I need and not the shitty ghetto grocery that stocks shit and overcharges for it. I've looked at the bus schedule and I'm not about to ride the hour and a half to get to the suburbs after work, do my shopping and then ride two hours back to make this all happen, so, if my car won't be fixed in time, I'll have to suck it up and walk to the Whole Foods and shop with the yuppy crowd and forgo the good beers that I hope to find when I can drive to the liquor store recommended by the dudes at work who brew their own beer.

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