Thursday, November 28, 2013

That's the end of Tomsgiving for this year. I've now had the car at the mechanic's twice and both times dude didn't fix the issue and I'm $1000 poorer for his effort, which means it's time for a new mechanic to fix this shit. I'm in no hurry to get that done since it won't be done in time for Tomsgiving. I've been looking for a good way out of going home for Christmas after my grandma and stepmom got in a fight at Easter over the fact that my brother was taking a well deserved vacation to Barcelona, Paris, and Germany. My mom is none too happy that I don't want to come home and deal with shit, but, after last year, I just don't have it in me to drive three hours after work, get to my mom's place whree she's watching some say yes to the dress bullshit on the television, go to sleep, wake up early, go to my dad's, deal with my step-sister's monster children, hear about how the step sister with the cool kid is pregnant again and get asked if I'm seeing anyone and when I'm going to make grandchildren, choke down whatever godawful meal my stepmom attempts cooking, go to my mom's, again get asked if I'm seeing anyone while the say yes to the dress:beached whale edition marathon is on in the background, again get asked when I'm making grandchildren because I'm not getting any younger, drive three hours home, sleep, and then go back to work. It exhausts me just typing that all out. It's something I absolutely dread. And if the office gets their way, I'm rolling out Windows 7 t our first floor the week before Christmas. If that goes as well as it did on our second floor, I'll still be doing it on Christmas Eve and I'm going to be dead on tired on Christmas, drive back to Central Wisconsin or not.

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