Sunday, November 24, 2013

It appears that the next thing to try to rampage my savings is my car. I had it in this week because it decided that it was too cold to start. I agreed with it, but I still had to walk three miles in to work. The people at work are funny. "Aren't you afraid of getting mugged?" "At 7:30 in the morning when it's 20° outside? No."I spent nearly $1000 at the mechanic getting a direly needed tuneup now that I'm at 110,000 miles, but the recent blast of cold air that settled over my state made it decide that it's still too damn cold to start. I still agree, but it's Tomsgiving next week and I need to get the tenderloin(maybe two if my brother invites his coworkers and friends again), a roasting pan, and get groceries for regular eating for the first time in two weeks because I'm just about in a food desert where it's a hike to get to an actual grocery that carries non-convenience food bullshit. I'm not looking forward to walking in again tomorrow. Waking up an hour early to make the hour hike to work is bullshit. Being exhausted by the time I get to work is bullshit.

It's got me thinking that perhaps it's time to live somewhere with covered parking. Having my door frozen shut by road snow was a major pain last year. The problem I have with that is, to get enclosed parking, you pretty much have to live in a condo. Riverwest isn't kind to condos. My brother tells me of the time they tried to build some here and they got burned down, which doesn't surprise me at all after living here for over a year. But I've been looking for a new place to live lately and thought getting a loft in the third ward would be cool. The only problem with that is, I'd have to live in the third ward. It's a safe area, but it's where the art school is and it's very near Marquette and MSOE, so everything in the area is priced to reflect that and, it seems, the people who live there are the hipster bohemian set. I'm too old for that shit these days, even if I did eat at the fancy place that had duck confit poutine on Friday night, which was delicious but gave gave me terrible gas, like a tire fire. But I'd eat it again for damn sure.

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