Sunday, October 06, 2013

I volunteered at the lakefront marathon this morning, which was the best experience I've had volunteering yet. Quite a few runners thanked me for doing what I was doing, printing out results after being given the bib number. It started out quite unorganized, which I'm getting used to with all the volunteering I've been doing. It seems that planning ahead doesn't really occur in these situations, so they didn't have a name tag for me, so I had to pass gates with police stationed by them. Not trusting police to not shoot me, I'm very wary of coming within a few feet of those bastards.

It was cool being able to tell people that they qualified for the Boston Marathon, which I guess is a big deal, at least, that's what the celebrating jumping man would suggest, but I imagine that people who are in shape enough to run 26.2 miles before everyone is out of church or before the Packer game are people who have long since qualified for that race by now. I've got to say that I'm jealous of those folks because I can't run anymore because my left foot doesn't work properly and I gave up on the physical therapy after my therapist told me she's never had anyone who stretch out their arm and let go of the ball like I can because I figure, if she's never had anyone get this far, she doesn't know where to go from here. I'm not about to pay to be someone's test subject. On top of the money I had to pay, my insurance paid nearly $2000 a month and, if I'm getting paid over $2000 a month to watch someone pick and drop balls and to electrocute their arms, I'm going to tell them "Yeah, keep coming." just so I can keep that kind of cash flowing in. I guess I could give a damn if my left hand worked again, I've adapted to it, but it'd be cool to be able to run again, if only to be able to escape a risky situation if I get mugged on the mean streets of Riverwest because my only option right now is to shit my pants, an option I don't like at all.

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