Saturday, October 19, 2013

I finished up my project yesterday ahead of their schedule as I had planned. It's only finished as far as I can go because our call center and another department is dependent on software that has no compatible version with Windows 7. I'm unfortunately not going to Fest, which I had been holding out hope for, but a contractor doesn't get PTO days, so no fest this year, again.

I have every reason to believe that they want to keep me around for their impending move next year or to keep me on because I figure shit out for them. My boss had me work on an issue with getting software and an old scanner to work in a Windows XP virtual machine, which he had told me they had only gotten to work about 1 time out of 100, which meant that's a problem that interests me. Figuring out why something doesn't work and then making it work is my idea of fun. Nevermind that I get to show the dudes with B.A.s that my simple tech schooled ass can do something they can't figure out. Yeah, I used to watch The Screensavers.

After I got it working, I got congratulated and told "Yeah, you might have just saved us from a $400,000 upgrade that we don't want to do, but we have to find out if they support it in a VM or if using it that way voids contracts". They don't support that, so it's a dead end. With no Fest-ivities happening this year, it means Tomsgiving has to be a big deal and I've already begun my research into desserts while trying to settle on a main course. Do I want to do a tenderlion, brisket, or do a turkey? No to all of those. Turkey is too traditional and I've done brisket and tenderloins, so they feel too safe. Homemade Seitan? That could be fun, but I'm not a fan of the texture of seitan. It's too rubbery for me and its flavor is nowhere near meat, but I'd like to believe I could improve on that. Okay, shark? I'd be down with shark, except I don't know that I can find anything that exotic even here in the city. Kangaroo would be interesting, too, but then we're in the "weird shit" realm, which means guests might be reluctant to try it if I could even find it.

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