Friday, October 11, 2013

Billy Bragg came to my town a couple weeks ago. For some reason, I wasn't sure if I wanted to see that. How bourgeois can you get? This is the guy I waited years to see after leaving Seattle a few weeks before being able to see him at a squat. I got to see him over a year ago where I got my picture taken with him. "Of course I want to see this act again because Billy Bragg is one of my favorite living humans.

I buy my ticket, but I've got time to kill after work. I decide to scout shit out, see if I can see Billy Bragg among the people. Apparently, there was a WWE event that night as well. It's interesting to see the people that kind of thing attracts. Mainly, the extremely out of shape. But, I also managed to find his tour bus. I sat about a block away trying to figure out what to eat for supper. About a half hour of debating later, I decided to take a lap around the block to help decide on whether to give the German Beer Hall a try. On my way past the tour bus, I noticed the door open behind me, and, yeah, Billy Bragg came out. I'm not about to go full on creepy fan, so I kept walking to sit on a bench and watch this play out, see where he's heading. He's going to eat, and at the upper class place, Molly Cool's, where I'm not comfortable going. Well, German Beer Hall it is. I hear they do a currywurst, which I haven't had for years.

Beer Hall turns out to be a place where ex-pats go to watch rugby of football matches and drink German beer. Currywurst isn't as good as the one in Appleton, but the beer is good.

For the show, they put out tables and chairs, all of them. I wasn't prepared for sitting down and reserved tables. Am I getting old? I go up to get a beer and the man in front of me asks if they have a good pinot noir? WTF is this shit? Billy Bragg is a socialist folk singer, what are these assholes doing? Wait a second, am ?I te youngest person here? Does my generation really have such bad taste in music that they won't turn out for Billy Bragg? Are they going to kick me out for ordering PBR? No, they won't, it turns out.

This time, Billy Bragg had a backing band, unlike the previous time I saw him. And he had a new album, so new songs. And all the old ones. But the reason I can out for this was because I wanted to hear Help Save the Youth of America this time. "Okay, it's time for the encore. What hasn't he played yet besides the song I haven't heard yet? A New England, which he might be contractually obligated to play and Tank Park Salute, followed by Help Save... Worth the $50 on the night. I didn't stick around to talk with him because I wanted to not be groggy for work. But I'm glad I got to see him again and I hope that the next time he comes around, I'm not an asshole who waits until the last minute to buy a ticket because he's still one of my favorite humans.

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