Monday, September 02, 2013

I spent my Labor Day morning prepping food for the Co-op picnic, which was entirely my plan. My brother later told me about punk rock rock baseball, which is apparently Riverwest tradition, so before making blueberry salsa, I headed over to watch festivities and saw the girl who now used to have fire engine red hair but now has black hair and, as I walked up, she glanced in my general direction, which is enough to scare the shit out of me, so I sat down And drank beers in my Milwaukee Beers jersey, counting the minutes down until I had to finish my food.

At one point, she sat five feet from me, but I'm not about to start conversation with this person who was the first memorable person I saw upon moving here a year ago, so I was a bitch and her friend who is ALMOST equally as attractive sat down next to her, making it entirely impossible for me to say one word to her, suggesting she come to the co-op picnic which I was preparing for.

I brought grasshopper pie, BLT potato salad and Blueberry salsa to the picnic, none of which I expected to disappear. Immediately upon removing the saran wrap from the pie, a child asked me what it was. "It's grasshopper pie", and she gave me a disapproving look, "Basically, a mint pie." and she partook. Almost right after, the girl who has legs for days, but doesn't shave, who plays on the co-op softball team took a piece, which made me extremely happy. Two beers later, it was gone and this girl who I've never met before asked me if I was playing softball in th game. "Sorry, I had a stroke two years ago, so I can't, really. Did you like the grasshopper pie?"

"You made that? It was really good!"I've never beamed so much in my life, I'm sure of it.

The softball game was bad, as expected, but a lot of people wanted to play, so I watched the first game, cheering along. But, in the middle of the second game, everyone quit, except for the five year old kids. I joined in so the kids would have someone old to play with and I've never felt better playing baseball in my life than playing with those dudes. I let them each have a few at bats while one dudes pitched and I caught while another hit and rounded the bases and I might have made those kids' day, which is fucking great. When I went to pick up my containers of food, the pie was gone, the potato salad was gone and the salsa only had a little left, so, all in all, I say it was an awesome day!

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